Finding funding mix for CLT with Triodos Bank & CAF Venturesome

Event Date | September 7

Mark Ogden of our corporate partner Triodos Bank and Anne-Helen Sinha of CAF Venturesome are joining forces to help our members better understand how to find the right funding mix to deliver their CLT schemes.

The webinar will cover the relationship and differences between pre-development and development funding and the relevant stages a CLT might use them and what lenders expect. A CLT might, for example, secure pre-development funding from CAF Venturesome via its Community Led Housing Fund then secure a loan with Triodos Bank from the development stage. Several CLTs have loans with a mix of junior and senior lenders.

Who’s the briefing for? Any CLT who wants to understand the mix of funding sources needed to deliver a scheme

What will my CLT get from the briefing? An idea of what kind of funding mix they will need and how funders expect to be approached with a project

Please email with any questions. You will receive an email with the zoom joining details closer to the event.

Event Details: